Cameroon Association For Youth in Social Action.

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CAYSA is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit making association that works to help developing every person to their highest potential, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantage sectors of the population in our country.

The Association was founded in 2017 by young Cameroonians who not only uphold a “culture of honor” to love people regardless of race, color, gender and ethnic origin as people of intrinsic value and dignity, but also acknowledge that each cultural grouping brings to the table unique gifts and expressions of our treasured fatherland’s diversity.

The Association’s headquarter is in Buea, at Great Soppo Street 2, but aims to conduct its activities throughout the country, with a focus on the Southwest Cameroon.


In order to build a nation equipped to participate actively in its own development, our missions are to:


Reduce Poverty

We thrive to reduce poverty through empowering, productive and youth-led social actions in our communities.


Rebuild our Nation

In order to rebuild our nation and contribute to the betterment of our people, we have developped comunity project that infuse Ethics and good living.


Strenghtening Capacity

People suffer from lack of knowledge that is why we believe creating educational opportunities will strenghten their capacity to get them ready for any job opportunity.


In line with our objectives we strive to reach the following this year

12th April 2019                           


To helped youth find employment-based trainings and seek innovation that creates wealth and integrates them into the fabric of the economy and development of Cameroon.

2 July 2019

Responsive Collaboration

To ensure a real chain of solidarity between the members of the assoication and those of other associations in Cameroon, Africa and the nations beyond.

3 October 2019                         

Extend Hope

To Assist street children, orphanages and disadvantaged health centers in remote villages.

Contact Us


Bonduma Auberge, Buea, South West Cameroon


+237 691-283-115


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